Strategic Partners

Leo Schachter Diamonds has always worked toward expanding its footprint in the industry both vertically and horizontally by building long-term relationships with valuable strategic partners.

William Goldberg Diamonds

In 2005, Leo Schachter Diamonds created a joint venture with New York’s William Goldberg Diamonds, one of the most respected names in the industry, specializing in very high-end bespoke jewelry for some of the world’s leading jewelry houses, such as Cartier and Harry Winston, as well as affluent private customers.

This partnership brings the Schachter group, whose core business has always been the upper mid-market level into the highest levels of the market. Our emphasis on diamond brand development is a natural fit with William Goldberg's brand development strategy, epitomized by the successful Ashoka brand.

The Goldberg organization is now an integral part of the Schachter group, benefitting from its access to rough supplies as a DTC Sightholder and utilizing its manufacturing capabilities to supplement Goldberg’s specialized, high-level polishing factory in New York.

Kama Schachter

In 2007, Leo Schachter joined with Kama Jewelry of Mumbai, India to form Kama Schachter Jewelry, one of Asia’s largest manufacturers and exporters of diamond jewelry. The company headquarters are in Mumbai, with branches in Chennai and Delhi, and sales offices in New York, Toronto, Tokyo and Frankfurt. Kama Schachter's three factories in Mumbai use state-of-the-art technology to produce the finest level of diamond jewelry for leading retailers all over the world. The partnership with Leo Schachter Diamonds allows Kama direct access to a vast range of loose diamonds of every category. The partnership gives Leo Schachter a strong foothold in the jewelry manufacturing business, in line with the company strategy of expanding its activities along the pipeline as close as possible to the consumer. Kama’s advanced manufacturing techniques result in a superior product at competitive prices, allowing the Schachter group to strengthen its position in today’s economic environment. Kama Schachter was awarded the “Emerging India Award” in 2007 by the Prime Minister and the company has been named the largest exporter of diamond studded Jewelry from India for the past three years.

Lee Heng Diamond Group

In 2006 Leo Schachter formed an alliance with Lee Heng Diamond Group in Hong Kong to distribute the Leo Diamond brand in the Far East. Lee Heng was founded in 1949 and is one of Asia's largest and most respected diamond wholesalers, with operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian markets. The partnership has allowed Leo Schachter to expand its operations in China, leveraging Lee Heng's marketing expertise and long term experience in the Far East.