Worldwide Sales Network

Originally founded in New York and later shifting its headquarters to Israel, Leo Schachter Diamonds maintains sales offices in all of the world’s major markets. Our offices are staffed by local personnel with a deep understanding of the market as well as international experts with knowledge of the worldwide diamond industry. Our commitment to cultural diversity, both in our corporate center and in our offices around the world, helps us to operate as a truly multi-national organization, using our vast resources to benefit each local customer.

Ramat Gan Israel

The Israel office is the heart and soul of the Leo Schachter group, and functions as its international distribution hub. Rough diamonds are funneled through this office where they are sorted and then sent to the various manufacturing centers for polishing. The Israel office is home to experts in every diamond category, who work closely with their colleagues in each of the company’s offices around the world.

New York City

The birthplace of Leo Schachter Diamonds was New York’s famed diamond district on 47th Street in Manhattan. The New York office serves the national retailers and regional chains all across America that form the backbone of the company’s business. New York office is the center of the company’s marketing and brand development activities. It is also the home of Schachter Diamonds Complete, the mounted jewelry division.

William Goldberg joined with the Leo Schachter group in 2005. It’s New York sales office serves an exclusive clientele of luxury retailers, high-end independent jewelers and affluent private customers.

Hong Kong, China

Leo Schachter has developed a significant sales presence in the Far East, through Leo Schachter Diamonds East. Besides serving the exciting Hong Kong market, this office serves as a portal to Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.


Shanghai is our newest sales office expanding our presence and outreach to the world's fastest growing economy, China. Opened in 2009 and complementing our other Pacific Rim sales office in Hong Kong, the office is now becoming an important distribution hub to regions in Mainland China and countries in South East Asia.

Dubai, UAE

Recognizing the Middle East as a growing market for diamond jewelry, Leo Schachter opened a permanent sales office in Dubai in 2006, serving local retailers and wholesalers.

Mumbai, India

With the growth of India’s importance in the industry, both as a manufacturing center and as a trading hub, Leo Schachter opened a diamond office in Mumbai’s diamond center in 2008.