Harnessing global consumer insights that create business success

At Leo Schachter, we recognize that understanding the “real time” pulse and motivations of diamond jewelry consumers around the world is as precious and valuable an asset as the inventory of fine diamonds we handcraft and sell to our trade partners.

That’s why consumer research and continuous marketplace learning in the local markets in which we do business is at the forefront of every program we create.

Our operating philosophy:

  • Jewelry displays do not wear diamond jewelry; people who see diamonds as an outward sign of fulfilling an untapped emotional need do.

  • Consumers must be given on-going reasons to enter a retail store or web site and consider diamond jewelry.

  • Technology has enabled consumers to rapidly leave behind an era when industry-created boundaries existed between marketplace demand, design, and distribution of diamond jewelry products.

  • Successful diamond jewelry programs complete a symbiosis between marketer, product design and assortment, retail channel, and the consumer.

  • A consumer-centric approach minimizes risk and maximizes success since ideas are driven by insights about fulfilling relevant consumer needs and desires.

  • People who buy diamonds should no longer be addressed as marketing “targets,” but rather need to be engaged as collaborators in the product creation and the marketing process.

  • Offering a quality brand interaction combined with quality products that live up to expectations and endure not only result in sales growth, but also represent an investment in goodwill

As a participant in the Kimberley Process and as a veteran leader of the diamond industry, Leo Schachter Diamonds is dedicated to ensuring the highest ethical standards and is active in the world-wide effort to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.

Some of our successful consumer-focused brands and marketing programs include The Leo Diamond®, The Legacy Diamond Collection, and Love's Embrace™.

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