Multinational Manufacturing

Leo Schachter Diamonds is one of the world’s major manufacturers of polished diamonds. The company’s manufacturing infrastructure ranges from massive factories to small specialized workshops in six countries across the globe. The guiding principle in Leo Schachter’s manufacturing strategy is to match the facility to the product – determining the needs of the world-wide diamond market and assigning each product to the appropriate facility, taking into account the unique expertise of its artisans.


Leo Schachter’s Botswana factory is considered to be the largest active diamond polishing operation in southern Africa. Opened in 1993 by the president of Botswana, this factory was bought by the Schachter & Namdar Group in 1997 and renamed LSD Manufacturing Botswana in 2006. Over 350 people were recruited locally in the sprawling village of Molepolole, and trained in the craft of diamond manufacture – concentrating on fine and commercial goods. The Botswana factory is also the home of a specialized production unit dedicated to large sizes and special diamonds of up to 50 carats.

Locating a polishing factory in the heart of this large diamond mining region creates a bridge between Botswana and the international retail market, and it guarantees a consistent and reliable supply of rough for Leo Schachter.


Our factories in Surat and Mumbai employ more than 325 people and specialize in commercial goods. An increasing share of this production is mounted by Leo Schachter subsidiary Kama-Schachter in Mumbai.


The Leo Schachter factory in Suphanburi employs 80 highly skilled polishers who specialize in recutting round diamonds to excellent and ideal make.

New York

While most diamond manufacturing has left New York for less expensive polishing centers, the William Goldberg factory continues to thrive, producing large diamonds of up to 100 carats. The irreplaceable skills of its artisans are worth the added costs for these high-end products that are marketed under the William Goldberg brand name. The factory’s specialty is the patented Ashoka cut, sold by exclusive retailers in the US, Europe and the Far East.


The city of Ramat Gan is a major hub of the world diamond industry for both rough and polished. It boasts a high concentration of skilled diamond polishers for a wide variety of goods ranging from small up to very large sizes. Leo Schachter’s local workshops in Ramat Gan serve as an incubator for all of the company’s better end manufacturing around the world, producing the best end of 2.5 to 20 carats.

Jewelry Manufacturing

A substantial portion of the diamonds produced by Leo Schachter is mounted at one of the company’s jewelry manufacturing operations. The largest of these is Kama-Schachter Jewelry, a joint venture with one of Asia’s leading jewelry manufacturers, employing over 1000 workers in three large factories in Mumbai. Kama Schachter’s talented designers and skilled craftsmen use state-of-the-art technology to produce top level diamond jewelry for leading retailers all over the world.

Leo Schachter’s flagship brand, The Leo Diamond, is mounted at Schachter Diamonds Complete, located in the group’s New York center.

The William Goldberg division in New York City manufactures very high-end bespoke jewelry for some of the world’s leading jewelry houses, such as Cartier and Harry Winston, as well as affluent private customers.